Fundamentals Of SCM-EWM: A Step-by-Step Guide by Mr. Rajesh G Mendonca

Fundamentals Of SCM-EWM: A Step-by-Step Guide

Book Title: Fundamentals Of SCM-EWM: A Step-by-Step Guide

Publisher: Rajesh G. Mendonca

ISBN: 0983921105

Author: Mr. Rajesh G Mendonca

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Mr. Rajesh G Mendonca with Fundamentals Of SCM-EWM: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Understanding various SAP solutions for managing inventory and configuring the Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) system independently requires an understanding of the options, intricacies, and variables that go into crucial Supply Chain Management (SCM) decision-making. Written for SAP consultants, those interested in a career in SCM EWM, and SAP customers simply interested in selecting the right solution for their inventory and warehouse needs, this is the first and only reference text you need. Comprehensive, highly detailed, and easy to understand, Rajesh Mendonca and Janet Mascarenhas’s debut simplifies the complex by following a highly logical, linear format that explains the processes with the utmost clarity. Included in this groundbreaking text are: tables that simplify the sea of pertinent information; diagrams explaining and connecting configuration objects; step-by-step procedures involved in the configuration process; screenshots that help visualize the system without actually logging into it in order to connect to the practical environment; and live examples examining and providing solutions for warehouse challenges, all of which will guarantee that by referring to this book you will be able to confidently and successfully configure the system on your own. SAP customers as well as consultants who read this book will have a clear understanding of the different solutions available in SAP to manage inventory and be able to make informed decisions regarding most effective solutions for their warehouse needs.
Full of extraordinarily precise, detailed analysis, Mendonca and Mascarenhas provide the most exhaustive primer of its kind on the market today. Applicable through every phase of the SAP EWM process with a value far beyond the standard guidebook currently available, Fundamentals of SCM EWM: A Step-by-Step Guide is a must-have for anyone using, consulting on, or contemplating a career in SAP EWM.
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